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Penn State ITS offers hands-on as well as self-paced workshops: Canvas Training Schedule


As the fall 2016 semester began, we moved out of our Canvas transition's ramp-up phase into the College/Campus Migration & Conversion Phase. During this time period, we were actively working to ensure that all ANGEL courses have been transitioned to Canvas before ANGEL becomes unavailable. We continue to focus on this transition for Spring 2017.

When will ANGEL no longer be available?

  • ANGEL's end-of-life date will be in December 2017.
  • Courses will not be taught in ANGEL after June 30, 2017.
  • To allow time to move content to Canvas and for students to complete deferred grades, instructors will be able to access ANGEL online through October 31, 2017.

Canvas Resources for Faculty

Online Support

Support from Instructure

Tier 1 support is now available for Canvas. For the next two years, Instructure, the creator of Canvas, will be providing Penn State with 24/7 technical support. This support includes email, phone, and text chat help. To contact Canvas support, click the Help button in the bottom left corner of the screen in Canvas or call (877) 226-4449.


If you have questions about Canvas, please contact Melissa Hicks (814-867-1391) or Carla Hass (814) 863-4708, the Canvas Liaisons for the college. If we don't have an answer, we will definitely find someone who does.