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The Office of Digital Learning provides media production support to educational initiatives within the Eberly College of Science. 

We provide broadcast quality video recording, non-linear editing, and multimedia content delivered as digital files for online use.

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Our team will create instructional, promotional, and other visual media for college faculty or instructional staff. We consult with clients to determine their needs and target audience, then develop innovative approaches to project solutions. From studio or on-location recording to final editing to the One-Button Studio and Lightboard, we can help produce a wide array of visual media. 

Typical Services

  • Creating instructional and promotional videos in a variety of formats
  • Create interactive projects
  • Create videos for use on web pages, YouTube, etc.
  • Documenting speakers and special events
  • Script development
  • Video recording in One Button Studio and on-location (single or multiple cameras)
  • Video editing
  • Format transfer and file encoding/transcoding
  • Script and video project consulting/Storyboarding
  • Video graphics and animation

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