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H5P at the Office of Digital Learning

Does your website crave rich content and user-engagement? The Office of Digital Learning (ODL) is excited to introduce a free, open-source solution called H5P that will change the way you think about interactive-content. What is H5P? Is it accessible? How can we leverage this innovative tool on our own websites? These are all topics we would love to discuss with you so we've included some videos below to get you started.  

Looking for more information?  Our office currently implements H5P into the ELMS Learning Network (ELMSLN) for use in many of the online courses we help develop.  If you would like to learn more, please contact us; we will happily set up a consultation to review your specific needs.

Accessiblity in H5P

H5P Accessibility Table (Updated: Nov. 2017)

Content-Type Status Comments
Accordion OK --
Agamotto UNKNOWN --
Arithmetic Quiz OK --
Audio Recorder OK --
Chart OK --
Collage OK --
Column OK Depends entirely on the content
Course Presentation OK --
Dialog Cards OK --
Documentation Tool OK --
Drag and Drop OK --
Drag the Words OK --
Fill in the Blanks OK --
Find the Hotspot NOT OK --
Find Multiple Hotspots NOT OK --
Flashcards ALMOST There are a few known problems
Guess the Answer OK --
Iframe Embedder OK Depends entirely on the content
Image Hotspots OK --
Image Juxtaposition UNKNOWN --
Image Sequencing NOT OK --
Image Slider OK --
Impressive Presentation NOT OK --
Interactive Video OK --
Mark the Words OK --
Memory Game OK --
Multiple Choice OK --
Personality Quiz NOT OK --
Question Set OK --
Questionnaire NOT OK --
Quiz (Question Set) OK --
Single Choice Set OK --
Speak the Words NOT OK --
Speak the Words Set NOT OK --
Summary OK --
Timeline UNKNOWN --
True/False OK --
Twitter User Feed UNKNOWN --

(1) Introduction to H5P

(2) Building H5P Content (Interactive Video)

(3) Placing H5P Content onto a Website