CHEM 202

Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

This course provides an introduction to organic chemistry, with emphasis on the properties of organic compounds of biochemical importance and fundamental principles. Some of the principles are illustrated with a variety of examples from nature and everyday life. The course covers the following topics: alkanes; alkenes, including polymers; alkynes; benzene and aromaticity; alcohols and phenols; ethers; aldehydes; ketones; carboxylic acids and their acyl derivatives; amines; alkyl halides; nomenclature; stereochemistry, including conformational analysis and chirality. Chemical reactions of the functional groups will be discussed along with the mechanistic details, including stereospecificity, of some of these processes. Biological molecules such as carbohydrates, lipids, steroids, peptides/proteins and nucleic acids, along with their importance in living systems, will be surveyed.