BIOL 155

An Introduction to the Biology of Aging

Biology 155 is designed to give both science and non-science majors a basic understanding of the aging process, with special emphasis on aging as it relates to the human body and health. Students will learn important aging terminology, methods of measuring aging, current theories of the aging process, and research models used to study aging. Additionally, they will explore aging as related to specific body systems. Students will have an opportunity to review normal anatomy (structure naming) and physiology (body function) of these body systems as well as drill into the details of both senescence and age-related disease processes. By the end of the course, students should have developed a functional understanding of how our bodies change over time and gained a perspective on major diseases that affect our aging bodies. Ultimately students should understand how long-term, healthy living strategies and interventions, started during young life, can potentially prolong life and add additional healthy years to their lifespan.