BIOL 141

Introduction to Physiology

The human body is fascinating to most of us, presumably because we have a vested interest in it. It is especially interesting when we include the physiology of diseases, as diseases often represent good illustrations of the system not functioning properly. One of the goals of this course is to develop your ability to understand the more complex scientific and medical advances that are occurring with increasing frequency today. This course is designed to cover the fundamentals of human physiology for students in a variety of life science-related majors including Nursing, Kinesiology, Athletic Training, and Science. Throughout the course, students will obtain a working knowledge and understanding of basic human physiology, apply these physiological principles to problem solving situations as observed in medical situations, including cardiac problems, hypertension, renal failure, acid-base balance disturbances, and endocrine imbalances, and obtain a practical understanding of physiology which you can build upon and use in future clinical settings. Physiology is not an easy subject to learn because it contains a tremendous amount of information. It is, however, a logical science and can usually be understood with reasoning. Students who have passed BIOL 472 may not schedule this course.