BI SC 003

Environmental Science

As citizens of both local and global communities, some environmental issues are guaranteed to impact our lives. We are all dependent upon and supported by natural systems, without which life on earth could not exist. Policy makers and citizens are urgently needed who can act with an understanding of ecological principles when exercising community responsibilities to handle the environmental problems of our times, such as water use, solid waste management, global warming, energy use, conservation of irreplaceable natural resources, overpopulation, and the preservation of biodiversity. Thus, the purpose of BI SC 003 is to help students prepare for living in the 21st century in a sustainable way. BI SC 003 will help students prepare for living in current and future society's mixture of technology and mythology by presenting ideas and concepts about living systems and their environments. An understanding of biological and ecological principles and their application towards environmental challenges should give students the confidence to be active citizens, conscientious stewards of nature, and actively pursuing a healthy, sustainable community and society.