H5P Improves Accessibility

Since 1992, December 3rd has symbolized the International Day of Disabled Persons.  The day provides a context in which society can strive for inclusivity by removing physical, cognitive, and technological barriers for people with disabilities.  This year’s theme focuses on, “transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all” -- with a strong message of, “leave no one behind.”

One of the founding principles of the internet and its’ content is that it be made available for everyone.  This includes the growing population of people with disabilities.  As we draw closer to December 3rd, I wanted to highlight one particular team that has stood out to me by placing accessibility requirements at the top of their to-do list in 2017; I’m talking about the H5P core team.

For those unfamiliar, H5P is an HTML5 authoring suite offering a variety of content-types designed to increase user-engagement.  Specifically, the platform provides a playground of interactive tools including: Interactive Video, Question Set, Drag and Drop, and Course Presentation (to name a few) that can be easily created and embedded into any website.

Out of the gate, the dark cloud in the room (at least in an educational setting) was always H5P’s ability to deliver accessible content-types to its users.  Sure, some of the content types were accessible, but many of them still fell short of industry standards; that is, until recently. 

Over the past few months, the H5P core team has worked tirelessly with Michigan Virtual and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to revisit accessibility in the H5P landscape.  Together, the groups have combined to make most of the content-types available, accessible.  During a November 2017 status update, H5P confirms that, “keyboard navigation, read-speaker support and many other features have been added and tested thoroughly with multiple accessibility tools and scenarios, making most of the existing content-types accessible to everyone.”

This is a huge win for the accessibility world, H5P core team, Michigan Virtual, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Their recent efforts and achievements will certainly give them a lot to celebrate this December.

H5P Accessibility Table (Nov. 2017)

Content-Type Status Comments
Accordion OK --
Agamotto UNKNOWN --
Arithmetic Quiz OK --
Audio Recorder OK --
Chart OK --
Collage OK --
Column OK Depends entirely on the content
Course Presentation OK --
Dialog Cards OK --
Documentation Tool OK --
Drag and Drop OK --
Drag the Words OK --
Fill in the Blanks OK --
Find the Hotspot NOT OK --
Find Multiple Hotspots NOT OK --
Flashcards ALMOST There are a few known problems
Guess the Answer OK --
Iframe Embedder OK Depends entirely on the content
Image Hotspots OK --
Image Juxtaposition UNKNOWN --
Image Sequencing NOT OK --
Image Slider OK --
Impressive Presentation NOT OK --
Interactive Video OK --
Mark the Words OK --
Memory Game OK --
Multiple Choice OK --
Personality Quiz NOT OK --
Question Set OK --
Questionnaire NOT OK --
Quiz (Question Set) OK --
Single Choice Set OK --
Speak the Words NOT OK --
Speak the Words Set NOT OK --
Summary OK --
Timeline UNKNOWN --
True/False OK --
Twitter User Feed UNKNOWN --