An Administrative Outlook

Earlier this week I had a chance to sit in on a high level administration committee meeting I wouldn’t normally be involved in. I didn’t say much, I just listened, observed and took notes. For someone that spends so much of her daily life doing work to fit within the parameters laid out by the higher-ups, it was interesting to see where it all starts and to see things with different eyes. 


It was clear that these administrators had their own subcommittees and staff reporting to them so that they were able to accurately represent their department’s needs and concerns. However, just as you’d work backwards on a project to see what you may have missed, I felt like I was able to see places that our current technologies and innovations would fit into this committee’s new plans regardless of the feedback that was already provided from my department. It was a different perspective and allowed me to think not within the specific parameters I was used to, but instead, outside the box that was still being formed.