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The Office of Digital Learning (ODL) supports the use of digital technologies in addition to online platforms for enhancing student learning and access in education.  The mission of ODL is to support Eberly College of Science faculty, students, and staff in leveraging technology in residential and online classrooms to increase student engagement, build community, and create open resources. In addition, the ODL team will provide faculty with consultation on the use of digital technologies for creating curriculum and curricular materials, transforming teaching practices, and applying novel methods of assessment. Our emphasis is on accessibility, personalization, high quality content and instruction, and consistent and stable learning infrastructure.

ODL is a resource for faculty: we stay current on the latest developments in digital educational technologies and pedagogical strategies. Schedule time in our One Button Studio, which is a hub of innovation. We work closely with the Center for Excellence in Science Education. We encourage and invite faculty interactions with our office, to work together to bring new and innovative digital technologies into their classrooms. 


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